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Lotsa life changes

Ohai, LJ. Long time no ... anything.

I blame my shorter attention span.

It's not you, it's me.


And it's kinda hard to see the tags about "ranch life" now.

Maybe I need a new tag? Big City Life or sumpthin'? :)

Bloggage elsewhere

I have been a bad bad Livejournal poster, and rarely blogged at all of late.

But there's a buncha blog posts at the Los Angeles Review of Books Naked Bookseller Blog now, most of which were written by me, if you've been feeling M'e babble deprived...
I still <3 my livejournal experiences, and one of these days I'm going to get my two New Mexico trip blogs posted here. Really. But in the meantime, here's a keep it alive JIC post of not muchness...


Doesn't it seem that if it was in the mid-20's overnight,

cold enough to freeze the water in the dogs' water bowls (although not their trough in the corral, nor the pond, nor the pipes ... generally has to be in the teens for all of that to freeze);

and if I have the first fire of the year burning in preparation for the creosote cleaning log;

and if the dung beetles and toads have departed for the season (sadness! They are helpful with dog poop and bugs!) and the yard is littered with the corpses of frozen horse lubbers;

and the woodpecker on the shady side of the tree was practically a sphere, he was so puffed up...

that I shouldn't be periodically hearing random "tick! tick!" sounds from the family room, as normal-sized grasshoppers launch themselves into the French doors?


Dear dumbass dogs...

You appear to have misunderstood.

I stayed home today to relax and catch-up on things I have fallen behind on, since I was on the road three of the past four weekends, and had company the weekend Istayed home.

I did NOT stay home to chase your dumb butts all over the countryside, through burrs and mesquite.


Okay, I will bear a certain measure of responsibility for foolishly putting you back in the corral after the first time, having set up an obstruction where you broke through the fence the first time, not realizing that you would be heady with success, and just break through somewhere else.


I am very tempted to just trade you in.

Perhaps on a teeny tiny toad

Or a not so teeny snake
(for reference, the tiles are about 18" across...)

In any event, something that is less likely to require chasing across the countryside, and then have the nerve to look pitiful when they pull a tendon in their leg, escaping!

Grumpy love,


swallows, snakes and stink bugs

AKA who knew that the ability to rescue / relocate / remove the above was part of country living?

In the past week or so, we have:

a) used our pond skimmer to rescue one of the young barn swallows in the carport nest. David and I were working outside, when we heard fierce cheeping and fluttering. The parents and one of the two young 'uns had taken flight. But the second was hanging head down just outside the nest, having somehow caught his(her?)  foot in the horsehair and cotton lining the nest in such a way he couldn't either get back in the nest, nor yet free himself by trying to take flight. We managed to maneuver the pond skimmer in between his trapped leg and the nest, freeing him -- at which point he promptly flew headfirst into one of the carport's pillars. Thunk! We thought maybe he had concussed himself, but within a few minutes, he had hopped / flown into the long grass, and a few minutes after that, was flying with the rest of the family.

b) had our UPS delivery guy knock on the front door after dark. Unusual, as he generally leaves packages at my office door. When we answered, he said, "Don't let your dogs out. Want me to show you where the rattlesnake in the carport is?" The rattler was a young one, curled up by a bush at one one end of the carport. Jeff checked on him (her?) a couple of times ... when he had shown no interest in voluntarily relocating by the second time, Jeff retrieved the push broom from the laundry room, and relocated him across to the other side of the driveway, so we could safely take the dogs out for their nighttime potty breaks.


c) evicted several stink bugs from the house, using Jeff's clever stink bug transport system ... an empty margarine dish and a piece of cardboard, which is evidently roomy enough not to freak the bugs out and cause them to emit their telltale odor

The monsoons have created more overgrowth than we have experienced in our six years here, so who knows what other visitors we may encounter?


Or my sad saga of my Very Exasperating Day... or why I STILL haven't really seen "Porco Rosso..."

Had my periodic insomnia around 2:45 AM, finally went into my office to read and the like a little after 3. Once I'm up, it generally takes me a couple of hours to get tired enough to go back to sleep ... which meant when Jeff's alarm went off at 4:55, I hadn't made it back to bed.

David and I had agreed to head up to the vets with the dogs around 9 AM, when they open. They're very nice vets, but the office is a first come first serve office, and doesn't make appointments. We arrived around 9:30, with all three dogs. The dog division ended up being me and both girls (Stormy, 66 lbs, and Karma, 55 lbs), and David and G'nort (21 lbs). The dogs were doing their usual smelling and looking for a place to pee stuff. Stormy and Karma lunged forward to smell a bush ... and since I was unfortunately standing in slippery mud, instead of on gravel as I thought, down I went! Mud on both legs to the knees, over my sandals. Mud on my shorts soaking through.  And I hit the back of my head on the bumper of a parked truck.

We recovered, more or less, and started inside. As we neared the door to the lobby, a doddering old man came out, s.l.o.w.l.y, with his big fluffy brown Chow-looking dog on a leash. We waited for them to get down the stairs. They kind of stopped at the bottom of the stairs. We started to take our dogs in, giving them a fairly wide berth, thinking we didn't want our dogs to knock the man down or anything. Our dogs were excited and barking, but are not aggressive. He stood there with his dog, not saying, "BTW, my dog is irrational and mean!" The girls and I walked past. As David and G'nort walked past, his dumb dog lunged at G'nort, taking out a chunk of fur off of his side! The vet assistant came out to make sure we all were able to go our separate ways without further drama, and petted down G'nort to check for damage when we got inside. Sheesh!

So then the dogs had their annual shots and exams and all was well. As my legs slowly dried and flaked off, and my head throbbed. And then we left, without me remembering to buy dog food, which is too bad, since the vets is 35 miles away, and not open on the weekends. Guess they'll be getting something sub-par.

We arrived at home, and I brought my purse into the house, only to discover that at some point at the vets, probably due to the excitement / distress, G'nort had apparently peed on it.

We stationed the dogs in the corral, and I took a shower, discovering that the only dry and non-muddy item of clothing I was wearing was my bra. I then settled back to watch "Porco Rosso," thinking that would be nice and relaxing. And then woke up about 2 hours later.

So, how's your Friday been?


Shortest Comic-Con recap ever?

While it's a little odd to see "Wonder Woman" with violet eyes, I like the fact that the Polly Pocket three-pack DC 75th Anniversary set is clearly Polly and friends playing dress-up as Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman, not Polly Pocket interpretations of the characters, if that makes any sense.

First day back, playing massive catch-up, AND first day trying to adjust to the concept of computer glasses. I suspect this is an easier concept for those who only wear correctional lenses part time. With me, since about sixth grade, pretty much if I'm awake and not in water, my glasses are on my face. So I tend to do things now that I have two pairs (transition lenses / bifocals wouldn't help with me and my computer monitor range, without the crick in the neck I was getting from the old lenses) like forget I have the "wrong" pair on when I stand up to answer a telephone in another room. Since these only really correctly correct my vision for about 24 - 36", the effect is rather like the unpleasant part of being drunk.

Oh, and bonus -- while Jeff always loses his voice at Comic-Con, this year I apparently lost mine as well.

But I have kewl books and other fun acquisitions, and saw many if not all of the friends I hoped to over the weekend, and made new ones. Yayz!

And we came home to beaky over the edge of the nest evidence that yes, the barn swallows were more successful when they (voluntarily!!) relocated their nest to the carport light fixture.

Comic-Con bound!

I have been crazed with Comic-Con prep, and all the journaling I have considered doing about lizards and bugs and dogs and rain hasn't happened. Mostly because of the last... just when I think I'm caught up, something happens, either a monsoon or just a thunderstorm, and poof! goes the internet.

See y'all on the far side!

Happy Independence Day!

Been away too long from LJ again. Hope I am not suffering shallow / short attention span issues ... but must confess that it's at least in part because with limited time to be on-line socially, I tend to be on Facebook (because I am responsible for Mysterious Galaxy's FB page), and click around there long enough to use up all my allotted social networking time for the day.

It occurs to me that this is probably universally true, but maybe more so for pet owners and parents? It's always a relief when the mysterious dark substance on one's linens turns out to smell like chocolate.

We went boot shopping on Saturday, and specifically chose to support a local business. Sadly, it was not a great experience.
But it was a good reminder to me, as an independent business owner, that customer loyalty to the concept of supporting indies only carries so much weight. Yes, we want readers to shop at Mysterious Galaxy because we're an independent business, with all the good things that come with that. But we also want / need to provide value and reward customers for making that choice. We work to make that goal.

I haven't actually paid much attention to what's up with the World Cup, other than the bits I see on Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann. But I like having my tiny Maria from Mexico Peek-a-boo Petite Barbie by my monitor, to sort of embrace the spirit.

Life in the 21st century means: local organic goat cheese ... spread on Pillsbury Dough Boy fridge flag cookies! LOL! Local goodness AND hfc!


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